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26 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 31 July 2008 06:57PM

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Comment author: Tim_Tyler 02 August 2008 08:10:42PM 0 points [-]

But on the whole, AGI is not now and never has been a healthy field.

That's because there's not much money in it. Computers today are too slow and feeble. Today, even if you could access an algorithm that beat the best humans at go, it would cost a small fortune, operate slowly, and require a huge heat sink. Performance is of critical importance to many applications of intelligence.

Also, software lags behind hardware - e.g. check out the history of the games for the PS3.

So, narrow AI projects can succeed today - but broad AI probably won't be well funded until it has a chance of being cost/performance competitive with humans - and that's still maybe 10-20 years away.