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12 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 22 August 2008 03:36AM

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Comment author: Quasi-anonymous 22 August 2008 07:09:23PM 0 points [-]

Eli writes: For a start, Roko actually says "universal", not "supermajority", but there are no actual universal actions; no matter what the green button does, there are possible mind designs whose utility function just says "Don't press the green button." There is no button, in other words, that all possible minds will press.

Caledonian writes: Why do you continue asserting that behaviors across all minds are relevant to this discussion? Morality isn't descriptive in regards to minds, it's proscriptive.


Why don't you read the actual post before making your inaccurate claim? Roko *thinks* that behaviors across all minds are relevant, and Eliezer presents a refutation in those terms without endorsing them. Also, spend some time with the dictionary, you meant 'prescriptive' not 'proscriptive.'

As a general matter, why on earth do you feel compelled to make smug, poorly-reasoned, negative non-substantive comments in almost every post?