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12 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 23 August 2008 12:29AM

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Comment author: Norman_Noman 24 August 2008 11:48:41PM 0 points [-]

I still think CEV is dangerously vague. I can't really hold up anything as an alternative, and I agree that all the utility functions that have been offered so far have fatal flaws in them, but pointing at some humans with brains and saying "do what's in there, kind of! but, you know, extrapolate..." doesn't give me a lot of confidence.

I've asked this before without getting an answer, but can you break down CEV into a process with discrete ordered steps that transforms the contents of my head into the utility function the AI uses? Not just a haphazard pile of modifiers (knew more, thought faster, were more the people we would wish we were if we knew what we would know if we were the people we wanted to be), but an actual flowchart or something.