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37 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 12 September 2008 12:12AM

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Comment author: Z._M._Davis 12 September 2008 05:23:53AM 4 points [-]

Ennui: "In that special Cartesian theater, I can picture an even smaller Homunculus pulling the strings of the larger."

But what if the homunculus were ontologically fundamental?--of course the notion is silly and of course it's false, but I'm not yet convinced that it's literally nonsense on the order of square circles or A-and-not-A. It could be that I just need some intuition-reshaping, but in the meantime I can do nothing else but call it as I see it.

Comment author: Perplexed 02 August 2010 03:13:39PM 4 points [-]

Substance dualism doesn't even require that homunculi be fundamental. It only requires that they be built from mind-stuff. They can be composite agents in the sense of co-operative game theory. Maybe that explains why humans are not perfectly rational. We are controlled by a committee.