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37 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 12 September 2008 12:12AM

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Comment author: billswift 12 September 2008 05:59:16PM 2 points [-]

"Mind as an irreducible simple is basic to all monotheistic religions." - poke

That is a wonderful definition of religion. And I think it covers all religions, not just monotheistic, which is why it could be so useful. Most definitions of religion have trouble covering the non-theistic versions, such as Buddhism and Jainism, which yours does cover. ("Mind as an irreducible simple" would be required to make their reincarnation systems work.)

Atheists don't know what god means - it is meaningless.

Comment author: MaxNanasy 10 December 2016 04:45:58AM *  0 points [-]

AIUI the mind being something other than an irreducible entity is a fundamental principle of Buddhism (this is part of the anatta ("not-self") concept)