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17 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 23 September 2008 06:02AM

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Comment author: Phil_Goetz5 24 September 2008 10:02:17PM 0 points [-]

What I think is a far more likely scenario than missing out on the mysterious essence of rightness by indulging the collective human id, is that what 'humans' want as a complied whole is not what we'll want as individuals. Phil might be aesthetically pleased by a coherent metamorality, and distressed if the CEV determines what most people want is puppies, sex, and crack. Remember that the percentage of the population that actually engages in debates over moral philosophy is diminishingly small, and everyone else just acts, frequently incoherently.

Ooh! I vote for puppies, sex, and crack.

(Just not all at the same time.)