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57 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 10 October 2008 10:08PM

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Comment author: potato 13 August 2011 12:42:01PM 0 points [-]

What is OP?

Comment author: Vladimir_Nesov 13 August 2011 12:47:09PM 0 points [-]


Comment author: [deleted] 13 August 2011 12:49:03PM 0 points [-]

I meant Anti-reductionist, the person potato originally replied to... I suppose grandparent would have been more accurate.

Comment author: potato 13 August 2011 12:52:08PM 0 points [-]

He was talking about both.

the belief that "minimum description length" or "Solomonoff induction" can actually predict anything

Comment author: [deleted] 13 August 2011 12:56:20PM 1 point [-]

So how do you predict with minimum description length?

Comment author: lessdazed 13 August 2011 04:32:40PM *  1 point [-]

With respect to the validity of reductionism, out of MML and SI, one theoretically predicts and the other does not. Obviously.