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38 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 17 October 2008 01:07AM

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Comment author: mindspillage 26 November 2010 05:52:48AM 9 points [-]

I think that one of the most valuable things I got out of my legal education is that I learned conservative (fiscal and social) political and legal theories from people who believe it themselves, not from people who were treating it as a caricature or a strawman. (And liberal ones too, but that's not so uncommon an experience. I identify as a "liberaltarian" myself.)

I live in the nonprofitiverse, where "capitalist" is usually a slur. (With some notable exceptions.) It's pretty hard to get people to listen to you once you've said the word "capitalist"--but if you bring up some of these points without naming them many of even the least sympathetic to "capitalism" would agree. (Similarly, I've seen Tea Partier signs that could have come straight from liberal talking points.)

I find it a lot easier to read about economic systems I don't agree with than social systems I don't agree with--I may think someone proposing an economic policy I find wrongheaded is wrong, but not immoral. Whereas there are many social policies I find not just wrong but abhorrent, enough that I have a hard time taking their proponents seriously.

Comment author: David_Gerard 26 November 2010 02:21:20PM 11 points [-]

I must say, I find it really helps matters that the particular nonprofit we find most eating our lives was founded by not just a libertarian, but an Objectivist. It seems to explode people's heads nicely.