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38 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 17 October 2008 01:07AM

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Comment author: PK 17 October 2008 02:55:18AM -1 points [-]

The post wasn't narrow enough to make a point. Elizier stated: "I regard finance as more of a useful tool than an ultimate end of intelligence - I'm not sure it's the maximum possible fun we could all be having under optimal conditions." Are we talking pre or post a nanotech OS running the solar system? In the latter case most of these "values" would become irrelevant. However given the world we have today, I can confidently say that capitalism is pretty awesome. There is massive evidence to back up my claim.

It smells like Eliezer is trying to refute a strawman. Specifically, I mean that there are probably few intelligent people who think of capitalism as a win-win all around. Capitalism is a compromise, it's the best we could come up with so far.

Comment author: Kenny 11 June 2013 02:19:22PM 0 points [-]

If capitalism is the "best we can come up with", with what is it a compromise and why would we want to compromise the best option?