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14 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 01 December 2008 08:49PM

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Comment author: Tim_Tyler 01 December 2008 11:34:57PM 0 points [-]

Inventing science is not rewriting your neural circuitry. [...] To see the brain circuitry vary, you've got to look at a chimpanzee, basically.

You should be considering augmented humans as single cybernetic entities when you write like this.

Augmented humans are a bunch of sensors linked to a bunch of actuators via a load of computing power - it's just that some of the processing is done by machinery, not neurons.

Then there is substantial variation in the capabilities of the resulting entities - depending on to what extent they augment themselves.

Just looking at the bit with the neurons totally misses out the section where all the action and change is taking place!

To then claim that there's no self-improvement action happening yet is broadly correct - from that blinkered perspective.

However, the reality is that humans don't think with just their bare brains. They soak them in culture and then augment them with machinery. Consider those proceses, and you should see the self-improvement that has taken place so far.