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14 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 02 December 2008 08:44PM

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Comment author: luzr 03 December 2008 08:59:34AM -1 points [-]


"You're currently using a program which can access the internet. Why do you think an AI would be unable to do the same?"

I hope it will. Still, that would get it only to *preexisting* knowledge.

It can draw many hypothesis, but it will have to TEST them (gain empirical knowledge). Think LHC.

BTW, not that there are problems in quantum physics that do not have analytical solution. Some equations simply cannot be solved. Now of course, perhaps superintelligence will find how to do that, but I believe there are quite solid mathematic proofs that it is not possible.

[quote] Also, computer hardware exists for manipulating objects and acquiring sensory data. Furthermore: by hypothesis, the AI can improve itself better then we can, because, as EY pointed out, we're not exactly cut out for programming. Also, improving an algorithm does not necessarily increase its complexity. [/quote]

I am afraid that you have missed the part about algorithm being essential, but not the core of AI mind. The mind can as well be data. And it can be unoptimizable, for the same reasons some of equations cannot be analytically solved.

[quote] And you don't have to simulate reality perfectly to understand it, so there is no showstopper there. [/quote]

To understand certain aspects of reality. All I am saying is that to understand certain aspects might not be enough.

What I suggest is that the "mind" might be something as network of interconnected numerical values. For the outside observer, there will be no order in connections or values. To truly understand the "mind" a poorly as by simulation, you would need much bigger mind, as you would have to simulate and carefully examine each of nodes.

Crude simulation does not help here, because you do not know which aspects to look for. Anything can be important.