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26 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 20 December 2008 12:31AM

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Comment author: Abigail 20 December 2008 01:19:32PM -1 points [-]

Well, let's see. There are friendly AIs and automated technology carrying out all the needs of life, so that human beings do not need to work, and anything which damages human cells can be fixed, so we are immortal if we wish to be.

For me, pleasure comes from achievement. But in this world, there is nothing which I can achieve which the AIs cannot achieve better. Or, if it is entertaining other people, perhaps a few manage this, and the rest fail to create any interest at all in their peers. If achievement is possible, failure is possible. If people decide to pass the time in conflict or competition, there is only one winner of chess or sprinting, and only a few people who are close enough to that winner to keep training.

So I become an eyeless limbless blob having endless orgasms.

So to avoid this, the AIs, being friendly, set challenges for the humans to overcome, so that the humans can be the best each can be. So that the species evolves. So the AIs go away and do other things, taking as much interest in the humans as the God of the Deists does.

Or- I fulfil myself by making my brain, body and Wisdom as good as they can be. I find, reading, say, the Tao Te Ching, or some sayings of Jesus (!) that I only understand them when I have learned the lesson elsewhere. I enjoy associating with other people who are at higher stages of wisdom, so that I can learn, and lower stages of wisdom, so I can teach, and am not always certain which is which. I take delight in what this world of utter comfort and endless possibility can bring.

Addicts recover. If you find the thought of having endless orgasms repulsive, might not the person who had, er, sunk so low, also find his state repulsive, eventually? I hope the humans and AIs together are creative enough to bring fulfilment for each human being in this paradise.