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13 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 21 December 2008 12:56AM

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Comment author: frelkins 22 December 2008 10:40:43PM 4 points [-]


"flip the switch in the brain"

I guess you mean undo the oxytocin & vasopressin effects that caused pair bonding? Get that old dopamine, adrenaline & serotonin flowing wild & free, or whatever the ultimate mechanism is proven to be? I suppose we could give men little vials of vasopressin suppressors to inject themselves with so that it would "feel new" each time?

Evolution appears to totally suck. As a man, you want it somewhat new (vasopressin suppression) but as a woman, I actually like it better when it's not new - I like to feed that oxytocin pathway! I wanna get attached to you! Attached sex is better for me!

At first that seems like a disconnect, but actually men want the relationship too, just as much as women: you want me attached to you - because you wanna *know* that you're the one who knocked me up, nobody else. And you want me to feed the oxytocin pathway, 'cuz you want me to have as much sex with you as possible, so as to knock me up. Which is fine with me, as my ultimate goal is to get knocked up, right?

"desires shaped by natural selection"

Modern life and contraceptives aside, that monkey brain is strong, sure. The question is of course which monkey? Socially we seem sometimes very chimp, all promiscuity whenever we can sneak outta the watchful eyes of the social order.

Intellectually however we sometimes seem more orangutan, which is interesting, as boy orangutans seem to have 2 techniques depending on life-stage. In one, they call-n-wait for chicks to come; win the other, they're happy to sneak-n-rape.

Gorillas of course are all-harem all-the-time with the dominant male guarding his females. Before the arrival of Christianity, doesn't it seem that most human societies were frankly more gorilla? Even Islam, ancient Judaism, ancient Hinduism, ancient Confucianism, and Yoruba make clear polygyny's cool, wives or concubines - whatever.

The issue is reconciling that with our current lifestyle - as Robin says, being the best humans we can be.