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21 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 25 December 2008 05:00PM

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Comment author: Phil_Goetz2 26 December 2008 05:47:24PM 0 points [-]

Michael, I thought that you advocated comfort with lying because smart people marginalize themselves by compulsive truth-telling. For instance, they find it hard to raise venture capital. Or (to take an example that happened at my company), when asked "Couldn't this project of yours be used to make a horrible terrorist bioweapon?", they say, "Yes." (And they interpret questions literally instead of practically; e.g., the question actually intended, and that people actually hear, is more like, "Would this project significantly increase the ease of making a bioweapon?", which might have a different answer.)

Am I compulsively telling the truth again? Doggone it.

Is it just me, or did Wright's writing style sound very much like Eliezer's?