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29 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 27 December 2008 01:47AM

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Comment author: Luke_A_Somers 21 January 2013 02:20:17PM 1 point [-]

What? That's completely irrelevant to the question at hand.

By considering the question of whether simpler-than-human minds are possible in this context, it's clear that Eliezer was thinking about the question and giving them moral weight. He doesn't need to ANSWER the question I was posing to make that much clear.

Comment author: MugaSofer 21 January 2013 03:44:35PM 0 points [-]

Wait, what?

*Clicks "Show more comments above."

Oops. I thought you were replying to the quoted text. Upvoted and retracted my comment.