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28 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 04 January 2009 03:55AM

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Comment author: Doug_S. 04 January 2009 04:15:57AM 11 points [-]

Well, one earlier limit on the evolution of the human brain is one that most definitely no longer applies to future human augmentation: the skull of a human baby needs to be able to pass through the birth canal without killing the mother, and it just barely does so. Humans have more difficult births than most other animals (at least, that's the impression I get). Today, we can perform Cesarean deliveries in relative safely, so that gives at least one "freebie" when it comes to improving on the work of the blind idiot god.

Comment author: gwern 23 March 2010 09:56:14PM 9 points [-]

The birth canal is actually one of Bostrom's examples.