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33 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 12 January 2009 05:28AM

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Comment author: Doug_S. 12 January 2009 10:26:41AM 1 point [-]

Heh. A GameFAQs-style FAQ/Walkthrough for real life. What should I do with something like that?

Well, I actually am pretty much stuck right now, so the first thing I do is get myself out of my current jam (regarding employment and finances and such). Then I see if there is any section that covers vague general advice that seems relatively safe, and read that. Finally, I go lock it away in a safe deposit box at a bank and try to avoid using it again except in an emergency.

Taking the analogy a little too far, my game player ethics tells me that I should avoid looking up, say, future stock market returns or winning lottery numbers, because that would be cheating. Ideally, I'd simply want to use it to avoid blunders rather than to munchkin my way through all of life's puzzles and quests. (Did I just verb "munchkin"?)

On the other hand, it might be worthwhile to ctrl-F "cure for cancer" simply because, well, some things are worth doing a little cheating for. (Is there anything one can do in the physical world that could count as an exploit? Heck, if anything can be an exploit, the human brain sure seems like one, considering that humans have literally taken over the world in what, on the time scale of evolution, is like the blink of an eye.)

Comment author: pnrjulius 07 June 2012 01:27:34AM 1 point [-]

The scientific method seems pretty game-breaking. It's practically metagaming.

Comment author: Luke_A_Somers 31 January 2013 02:48:28PM 1 point [-]

Heh. A GameFAQs-style FAQ/Walkthrough for real life. What should I do with something like that?

Depends on the style. The only gameFAQ I wrote gave some general strategies and things to avoid doing, and some heads-ups for specific things you want to be ready for. I don't think that sort of guide would be a problem for real life.

Similarly, a 'Missable Items FAQ' sort of thing that only helps you avoid doing yourself permanent (if trivial in some cases) harm.