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28 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 12 January 2009 08:35PM

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Comment author: Alicorn 16 December 2010 12:33:35PM 9 points [-]

You haven't really been raped

What if someone doesn't want to take this class (perhaps in the same way that they might not like biology, civics, or gym, but still doesn't want it?)

Comment author: Jack 16 December 2010 03:25:32PM *  10 points [-]

It's a high school class: the outside view would indicate the vast majority would be there non-consensually.

Comment author: fubarobfusco 16 December 2010 11:32:27PM *  14 points [-]

Perhaps you don't graduate -- same as if you didn't take any other required class.

Perhaps you just flunk sex ed, but graduate on the strength of your other grades.

Perhaps there's an opt-out for people with religious objections, as there was for sex-ed (er, "Family Life Education"; thank you, Commonwealth of Virginia) when I was in high school. Or as some high schools have for the evolution unit in biology.

Perhaps you're not required to physically participate but you must at least watch your classmates participate, as with the fetal-pig dissection in my high school biology class.

Perhaps it just never comes up.

Or perhaps Weirdtopians just have a notion of consent that deeply appalls us. They wouldn't be Weirdtopians if they weren't, you know, weird. This isn't a policy proposal; it's a discussion of a deeply weird alternative.

(Point taken, though.)

Comment author: wedrifid 17 December 2010 02:27:27AM 20 points [-]

Perhaps there's an opt-out for people with religious objections, as there was for sex-ed

If necessary I'l found a new religion for the purpose. I'll set myself up as the messiah of not getting raped.

Comment author: WrongBot 21 December 2010 02:21:54AM 13 points [-]

At last, a religious doctrine I can wholeheartedly support!