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27 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 23 January 2009 09:58AM

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Comment author: Aleksei_Riikonen 23 January 2009 01:01:46PM 9 points [-]

Perhaps a webpage should be written that attempts to persuade smart egotists that if they want to accumulate wealth for the long-term future, it would be rational to choose "good guy points" as that wealth, instead of e.g. money.

Since if our civilization doesn't self-destruct, we will end up spending billions of years in a Happy World where there are no more "good guy points" available to accumulate. It will be the ultimate scarce resource, in a world where very few things are scarce. Accumulating money instead of "good guy points" seems *stupid* to me, if one is thinking for the long-term.

I'll also note here, that during billions of years of Happy Life, historians will certainly study every last detail of the very limited amount of pre-utopia history that the world experienced. We'll probably see fine-tuned High Score tables of how many "good guy points" each surviving individual has collected. (This study of history will be made substantially easier once we have the technology to extract the memories of every willing person into the public domain.)