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48 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 30 January 2009 12:07PM

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Comment author: fubarobfusco 03 March 2013 01:20:11AM 3 points [-]

50 Shades of Gray was a twilight fanfiction, and apparently it was good enough to be publishable.

I've not read it, but I'm given to understand that it has more fucking in it than HPMOR.

Comment author: [deleted] 03 March 2013 10:34:36AM 1 point [-]

Also, I'm under the impression that people read it out of curiosity because it's famous for having lots of fucking in it, but when they've read it they don't think it's actually that great. (I haven't read it either, and I'm not going to read it in the foreseeable future either.)

Comment author: Dias 03 March 2013 11:01:01AM 1 point [-]

It's the first book I've ever had to put down after a few pages because the writing was so very awful.