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48 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 30 January 2009 12:07PM

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Comment author: ygert 16 April 2013 08:34:58PM *  7 points [-]

Write an original work, and unless you are both very lucky and very good, the number of people who see it is more or less zero.

If you write an original work, then I am very sorry, but I probably will not read it. There is a barrier to diving into a new world, a trivial inconvenience, but nonetheless, a cost to high for the expected return, which by Sturgeon's Law is near zero. On the other hand, in fanfiction I already know the world, and that makes it easier to jump in.

Yes, for fanfiction there is an upper bound to the readership numbers, but in practice, that isn't what you should be worrying about when trying to get people to read your work. The hard part is separating yourself out from the Sturgeon's Law chaff surrounding you, and that is an easier task if your work is a work of fanfiction.