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33 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 31 January 2009 08:42AM

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Comment author: Marcello 01 February 2009 05:16:21AM 1 point [-]

Vladimir says: "I assumed you agree that increasing the babyeating problem tenfold isn't something you'd expect to be reciprocated"

Aye, not necessarily. But perhaps the gesture of good will might be large enough to get the babyeaters to, say, take a medicine which melts the brains of their children right after they're eaten. They might be against such a medicine, but since they didn't evolve *knowing* that their babies were being slow-tortured for a month, they might not have desires against the medicine stronger than the desires in favor of having ten times as many kids. (And because the humans have tech. superiority, they could actually enforce the deal if that's necessary.)

It's a tricky ethical question knowing whether the humans are better off with that deal. And it's a tricky question of baby-crunch-crunch whether the baby-eaters are more-baby-eaten with that deal. But maybe there are better deals than the one I was able to think of in ten minutes.