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Meet Up: Brussels - We meet every month

Roxolan 03 June 2014 06:52PM

WHEN: 12 January 2019 02:00:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: Rue des Alexiens 55 1000 Bruxelles

This is a long term meetup announcement to ensure there's always a Brussels meetup visible in the sidebar. We're not sure we'll actually meet on the date given here, but there'll definitely be meetups in the meantime. If this month's meetup hasn't been announced on LW, it's probably just procrastination from the organizer.

We meet every second Saturday of the month at 1pm at "La Fleur en papier doré", close to the Brussels Central station. The meetings are in English to facilitate both French and Dutch speaking members.

Our main web page for meetup announcements and conversations is here.

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