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Meet Up: Atlanta HPMOR Wrap Party

Adele_L 06 March 2015 10:52PM

WHEN: 14 March 2015 07:00:00PM (-0400)

WHERE: Norgate Manor 2388 Lawrenceville Hwy. Unit L. Decatur, GA 30033

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is coming to an end! Join us as we celebrate!

Feel free to wear costumes - in fact it is encouraged!

We will have snacks, games, and discussion. Bring any food or entertainment you would like.

If you have any questions, please contact the organizer, Adele or post a comment here.

All are welcome to attend! We'd love to see you there! Feel free to drop in later or leave early at your convenience.

From 285 - get off at Exit 38 for Lawrenceviile Hwy. Head east towards the city down Lawrenceville Hwy. The location is right after the light at Harcourt Drive at Norgate Manor on the right.

There will be cats present at the location. Please park in spots marked 'Visitor' - there are plenty at the front of the complex.

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