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Meet Up: Melbourne Rationality Dojo, February - Tai Chi & Lightning Talks

Chriswaterguy 09 February 2017 06:37AM

WHEN: 12 February 2017 03:30:00PM (+1100)

WHERE: Janet Lady Clarke Memorial Rotunda, Queen Victoria Gardens, Linlithgow Ave, Melbourne

Bring warm clothes - we'll be outside (but probably under cover).

Melbourne Rationality Dojo, February - Tai Chi & Lightning Talks Our next meetup for Less Wrong Melbourne is on Sunday 12 February:


(1) An introduction to Tai Chi from Mark. ("Dojo" has never been more appropriate.) He'll also talk about what to make of the concept of "Chi" if you don't believe in the supernatural and you're skeptical of mystical energy.

(2) Lightning talks. A number of speakers at 5 to 10 min each (including questions) on the art of rationality, or something to enlighten our understanding of the world.

(3) Trigger Action Planning: An effective way of establishing habits that you want.


An idea or question to share.

Perhaps a snack to share. (Healthy snack choice is optional but welcome.)


3:30pm to 6:30pm. The meeting proper will begin at 4pm sharp.

At about 6:30pm some of us generally head for dinner in the CBD, and you are welcome to join us.


In or near the Janet Lady Clarke Memorial Rotunda, Queen Victoria Gardens, Linlithgow Ave, Melbourne. https://goo.gl/maps/eEs9Mi8LuYH2 This is a short walk from the NGV. If you have any trouble finding the venue on the day, please text or call Chris on 0439 471 632.

There's a chance of light rain, but we'll be pretty well protected in the rotunda. If the weather's good, we might even go out onto the grass nearby.

(If you need a toilet, there's one between the rotunda and the NGV, near King-Edward-VII-on-a-horse. It's one of those dystopian automatic loos which provides an opportunity to reflect on the potential dangers of a poorly managed transition to a robot-led society.)


The Less Wrong Melbourne Rationality Dojos are self-improvement sessions for those committed to the art of rationality and personal growth. We welcome new members who are interested in exploring rationality. We're "aspiring rationalists" and always open to learn.

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