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Meet Up: Baltimore / UMBC Meetup - usefulness and meaning of "truth"

iarwain1 09 February 2017 08:26PM

WHEN: 12 February 2017 11:00:00AM (-0500)

WHERE: Performing Arts and Humanities Bldg 4th floor, 1000 Hilltop Cir, Baltimore, MD 21250

This week we'll be discussing the subject of Truth - what is it, what are we aiming for exactly, why is it a useful concept to think about, etc. (Yes, this is the same subject as last week, but only one person showed up last week.)

Reading material, ordered roughly by readability:

More technical reading for those who want it:

  • Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP): Truth (or you could try the SEP or Wikipedia)
  • Pluralistic Theories of Truth: IEP, SEP

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