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Meet Up: Washington, D.C.: Cooking

RobinZ 10 August 2017 04:24PM

WHEN: 13 August 2017 03:30:00PM (-0400)

WHERE: Mosaic at Metro Apartments

We will be meeting at the residence of one of the meetup regulars to talk about cooking, and also cook (and then eat). There may also be some knife sharpening at the beginning of the meetup.

Richard, our host, requests you please let us know your preferred menu:

  1. Pasta buffet
  2. Taco salad buffet
  3. Asian cooking (rice, stir-fry, chickpea patties)
  4. Other

...and tells us the menu will be chosen based on votes and volunteers to bring ingredients for and/or things that complement a menu option.


Take the metro to the Prince Georges Plaza metro stop, or park in the metro garage there.

As you come up the metro escalators, you will be facing a traffic circle, and Belcrest Road. Go around the circle, continue, and take a right on the next street (Belcrest Road); the building entrance will be on your right. Call or email Richard Bruns ([firstname][lastname] at gmail) so he can let you in or send someone to do so, or tailgate behind someone else.

Upcoming meetups:

  • Aug. 20: Fun & Games (Eclipse Weekend)
  • Aug. 27: Programming

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