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Meet Up: Stockholm book club: Superintelligence chapter 11

pepe_prime 04 October 2017 11:40AM

WHEN: 20 October 2017 05:45:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: Lindstedtsvägen 3, room 1537, SE-114 28 Stockholm, Sverige

11 Multipolar scenarios p. 159 Of horses and men p. 160 Wages and unemployment p. 160 Capital and welfare p. 161 The Malthusian principle in a historical perspective p. 163 Population growth and investment p. 164 Life in an algorithmic economy p. 166 Voluntary slavery, casual death p. 167 Would maximally efficient work be fun? p. 169 Unconscious outsourcers? p. 172 Evolution is not necessarily up p. 173 Post-transition formation of a singleton? p. 176 A second transition p. 177 Superorganisms and scale economies p. 178 Unification by treaty p. 180

Format: We meet and start hanging out at 5:45, but don't officially start doing the meetup topic until 6:00 to accommodate stragglers.

How to find us: The meetup is at a KTH academic building and the room is on the 5th floor, two stairs up.

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Times - http://www.when2meet.com/?5723551-cJBhD

Topics - https://poll.ly/#/Lak9l0qQ

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