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Meet Up: "Handling inner conflicts." Rationality dojo this Sunday.

Chriswaterguy 09 October 2017 07:24AM

WHEN: 15 October 2017 03:30:00PM (+1100)

WHERE: Henley Club, Melbourne

3:30pm this Sunday 15 Oct at the Henley Club. The discussions have been good recently – hope you can join us.

THIS MONTH: Handling inner conflicts: when our rational and irrational parts pull in different directions.

Drawing on psychology research and rationality techniques, with practical application inspired by the CFAR workshops, we discuss how to better live in integrity with what we value and/or believe, when we seem to be at war with ourselves. We'll also discuss how to create useful habits relevant to this goal.

This will be a lightly facilitated group discussion. As always, we may draw on content in the Less Wrong Sequences and top books in relevant fields. Reading and thinking ahead of the meetup is encouraged. See section 3 of http://www.rationality.org/resources/rationality-checklist – "Handling inner conflicts; when different parts of you are pulling in different directions, you want different things that seem incompatible; responses to stress"

For reference, the relevant headings from the CFAR document: I notice when I and my brain seem to believe different things (a belief-vs-anticipation divergence), and when this happens I pause and ask which of us is right. When facing a difficult decision, I try to reframe it in a way that will reduce, or at least switch around, the biases that might be influencing it. When facing a difficult decision, I check which considerations are consequentialist - which considerations are actually about future consequences.

BRING: * An inquiring mind, and observations you may have on the topic. * Perhaps a snack or drink to share. (Bonus points for healthy choices.) * Interested friends.

WHEN: 3:30pm to 6:30pm (and then optional dinner). Come early to catch up, and the meeting proper begins at 4pm sharp. At about 6:30pm some of us generally head for dinner nearby, and you are welcome to join us.

WHERE: The Henley Club Level 1, 8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne CBD https://goo.gl/maps/vmFL6JeKQSD2 It's down a lane (off Little Bourke, near Elizabeth) and one flight up a stairwell. If you have trouble, text or call Adam on 0412 064 542.

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