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Meet Up: Sydney meetup - Biased pandemic and other games

Oklord 27 March 2012 12:55PM

WHEN: 17 April 2012 07:30:00PM (+1100)

WHERE: 22 the promenade sydney

Hey everybody. Deep inside the king street brewery, we plan to bring out rationalist board and card games. This, of course, is a much more social meet-up!

If your still on the fence about showing, Sydney turnout so far is good but could be better! We know you are out there, lurkers.

We have a FB group set up - just search Less wrong Sydney, or PM me with your FB name to add.

Comments (7)

Comment author: dopamine 14 April 2012 06:13:18AM 1 point [-]

I will hopefully be there :)

Comment author: MattFisher 08 April 2012 07:02:08AM 1 point [-]

I reckon I can make it, and it'll be my first in Sydney. Looking forward to it!

Comment author: Monkeytree 17 April 2012 02:25:38AM 0 points [-]

Can't make it this time unfortunately. Enjoy.

Comment author: joshsmells 05 April 2012 11:29:42PM 0 points [-]

I'll be there :D Probably a little late though because class ends at 7. Tristan

Comment author: taryneast 28 March 2012 02:15:22PM 0 points [-]

Yay! I'll be back in Aus in time for this one. See you there!

Comment author: Observer 28 March 2012 10:32:10AM 0 points [-]

Yep, I'll be there.

How many people do you need to play these games?

Comment author: Oklord 28 March 2012 11:51:48PM 0 points [-]

I was told around 4 or more? We had ~7 people last meeting so I don't see why it would not work. Partially the "other games" bit is because there is an upper limit of how many people can play, so we need to have side activities!