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Meet Up:  Moscow: Applied Rationality and Cognitive Biases

Yuu 26 November 2012 12:34PM

WHEN: 08 December 2012 04:00:00PM (+0400)

WHERE: Rossiya, Moscow, ulitsa Ostozhenka 14/2

We will meet at “Subway” restaurant, entrance from Lopukhinskiy pereulok. Look for a table with “LW” banner, I will be there from 16:00 MSK.

Main topics:

If you are going for the first time, please fill this one minute form (in Russian), to share your contact information. You can also use personal messages here, or drop a message at lw@lesswrong.ru to contact me for any reason.

N. B. Google may show incorrect location, please use Yandex maps.

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