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Meet Up: Purdue Meetup

Sek0M 14 February 2013 04:48PM

WHEN: 16 February 2013 07:00:00PM (-0500)

WHERE: Purdue - Hicks Library

A reminder that there will be a Purdue Less Wrong Meetup this Friday. We have reserved a space, but given the short timeline and incomplete email list the plan is to meet in Hicks, group up, and transition to the reserved space. I'm saying the meeting time is 7PM instead of 6:50 based on my own preference for round numbers.

We're planning to bring some minor level of snackage, and in addition to our often very dynamic discussions I will offer some more structured thoughts on, well, structure, and how to grow the organization and offer more utility to our own meetup folks and possible to the campus and community in general. Please feel free to contact me with any question or concerns, and we hope to see you there.

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