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Locke comments on Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 9 - Less Wrong Discussion

10 Post author: Oscar_Cunningham 09 September 2011 01:29PM

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Comment author: Locke 11 February 2012 04:36:47PM 2 points [-]

This seems far too long-term for the purposes of Eliezer's story. The only way a plan of this detail would make MOR better is if we actually got to see it acted out, and I cannot imagine Eliezer not wrapping up the plot before Harry is old enough to rule. He's certainly not going to fast-forward through the majority of Harry's Hogwarts time.

No, I think Quirrelmort's plan is explicitly linked to the Sorcerer's Stone. If he can get Harry to obtain it for him, he's won.

Comment author: Anubhav 19 February 2012 04:11:24PM *  0 points [-]

The parent was the first hypothesis that I formed when I first read that chapter, but it doesn't check out. Putting yourself out of action for ten years and waiting another ~7 for your chosen champion to mature doesn't look like an optimal way of taking over the world.

And then there's the whole Philosopher's Stone plot. Clearly, he's planning to return to power.

Come to think of it, why is the Philosopher's Stone in Hogwarts this year? Dumbledore introduces the Third Floor Corridor in chapter 12, so we know it hadn't been around before.....

Why lay out a bait for Voldemort the year Harry joins Hogwarts? What does DD know?

Comment author: prasannak 22 February 2012 06:01:03AM 0 points [-]

From canon. Because this was the year that Quirrellmort tried to steal it out of the vault at Gringotts. So it needed to be somewhere safer - the only place safer than Gringotts -> Hogwarts.

Comment author: Anubhav 22 February 2012 06:24:39AM 1 point [-]

In canon, Quirrelmort tried to steal it after it was taken away. We were never told why Dumbledore suspected that Voldemort would try to get a hold of it that year.