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3 Post author: Tesseract 25 September 2011 06:20PM

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Comment author: lessdazed 25 September 2011 08:13:57PM 1 point [-]

Any situation where people make decisions and have a theory of how they make the decision, they can be systematically wrong. This includes people predicting what they would do in a set of future circumstances.

This is an easier form of irrationality to break ground in than preferences of A>B, B>C, C>A.

Another trope in such experiments is having subjects predict things about average people and also about themselves.

One research technique to be aware of is the one where questionnaires are handed out with a die, and respondents are instructed to roll it for every answer, and always answer "yes" on a roll of six and "no" on a roll of one, regardless of the true answer to that question. I forget what it and its variants are called.