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Help needed: German translation of the Singularity FAQ

18 Post author: cadac 28 October 2011 09:06PM

At lukeprog's suggestion, I translated the Singularity FAQ into German. Unfortunately, Tripitaka, who volunteered to proofread, doesn't seem to have read my messages. As the translation is far from perfect, I ask German-speaking users to help with finalizing the text. Also, I have no objections if you'd like to upvote this post (and the comments of anyone who participates) as a way of incentivizing this kind of work.

The whole text should be proofread at least once, but you could help a great deal just by going over the highlighted sections. It helps if you are knowledgeable on the subject. The document is on Google docs, editable by anyone. I have made a backup and I think you can revert changes Wikipedia-style, so edit away!

Here it is.

Side-by-side version (comment only, changes should be made in the other version).


Edit: Fixed links.

Comments (6)

Comment author: TrE 28 October 2011 11:07:59PM 9 points [-]

I went over a large portion of the text, excluding the last sixth or so. Congrats on actually doing something.

Comment author: komponisto 29 October 2011 06:31:38AM *  6 points [-]

Thank you; this reminds me to finish my French translation. (It's currently complete up through most of section 4.1. French speakers interested in helping or proofreading are invited to PM me with their email address.)

Comment author: spuckblase 30 October 2011 07:30:50PM 4 points [-]

Good Translation! I'm through the whole text now, did proofreading and changed quite a bit, some terminological questions remain. After re-reading the original in the process, I think the english FAQ needs some work (unbalanced sections, winding sentences etc). But as a non-native speaker, I don't dare.

Comment author: SimonF 30 October 2011 08:44:48PM *  1 point [-]

I'm through the whole text now, did proofreading and changed quite a bit, some terminological questions remain.

Same here. All in all, great job everybody!

Comment author: lukeprog 14 November 2011 10:02:31AM 1 point [-]

Link to a PDF version has now been added to the FAQ page. Thanks cadac and everyone who helped!

Comment author: cadac 07 November 2011 08:48:15PM 1 point [-]

Thanks, everybody! I don't think anyone is going to make any further edits at this point. As soon as I can I will look through the changes just to make sure that there have not been any accidents and then send it to lukeprog.