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The wandering rationalist: an update

2 Post author: Despard 22 November 2012 08:55PM

As per my original post here, and the more recent one by shokwave here, here's my attempt to nail down some dates for when I'll be in various places (both in the States and elsewhere). All dates are provisional, especially between Colorado and Washington, and my West Coast tour in January.

For the US portion of the trip I've decided to go mostly by bus and train; Greyhound have just discontinued their Discovery Pass (which allows unlimited travel for up to 30 days) but I was able to snag a 15 day one on a special offer for the first half of my trip.

Ann Arbor, MI:  Dec 4th

Lansing, MI: Dec 5th

Chicago, IL: Dec 6th

Madison, WI: Dec 7th

Minneapolis, MN: Dec 9th

Kansas City, MO: Dec 12th

Oklahoma City, OK: Dec 13th

Austin, TX: Dec 15th

Laredo, TX: Dec 16th

Oklahoma City, OK: Dec 18th

Denver, CO: Dec 19th

Salt Lake City, UT: Dec 22nd

Kennewick, WA: Dec 23rd

Spokane, WA: Dec 26th

Vancouver, BC: Dec 31st

Seattle, WA: Jan 3rd

Portland, OR: Jan 6th

San Francisco, CA: Jan 10th

Los Angeles, CA: Jan 15th

-- booked flights --

Nadi, Fiji Jan 21st

Auckland, NZ Jan 26th

Sydney, Australia Feb 16th

Singapore Mar 9th

Tokyo, Japan Mar 22nd

Seoul, Korea Apr 21st

London, UK May 7th

Reykjavik, Iceland Jun 8th

New York, NY Jun 13th

In the States portion of my trip, I have accommodation everywhere except: Chicago (where the friends I was expecting to stay with won't actually be there at that time); Kansas City; Austin (though I do believe I was offered a couch in the previous thread); SLC (though I may sleep on the coach and pass straight through on my long trip North if nobody is around); and the West Coast which I'm not worried about yet because it's an entire month away...

So do contact me if you're interested in meeting up and/or hosting me. As I said dates are subject to change if necessary or if I feel like it!

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Comment author: maia 24 November 2012 10:00:06AM 0 points [-]

DC has meetups on Sundays; if you're there at a different time, there are at least two of us here interested in meeting up with you. Any idea how long you'll be in our area, if at all?

Comment author: Despard 26 November 2012 12:15:14AM 0 points [-]

Not sure for this trip; I'm mostly going West from Detroit, and I'll be back in the States (to NYC) next year but probably not heading to DC. All plans can change however!