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44 Post author: Qiaochu_Yuan 14 February 2013 06:32AM

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Comment author: ModusPonies 14 February 2013 12:46:56PM 14 points [-]

This seems useful. I'll be giving up reddit for the next 40 days.

Comment author: FiftyTwo 14 February 2013 01:41:59PM 7 points [-]

My experience has been I transfer to other distracting websites, so if you are trying to increase productivity a more general block may help.

Comment author: Eugine_Nier 15 February 2013 03:56:34AM 4 points [-]

You may be better off focusing on what you should be doing, rather than avoiding what you shouldn't.

Comment author: ModusPonies 14 February 2013 02:40:01PM 3 points [-]

That's a possibility. A week from now, I'll report what happened and decide whether I need a wider block. (Boomering reminder sent to myself.)

Comment author: ModusPonies 21 February 2013 03:22:46PM *  4 points [-]

Result so far: as FiftyTwo predicted, I've been spending time on other, higher-value distracting websites instead. My productivity is unchanged, but instead of wasting time on reddit, I'm spending time reading articles on this site or watching Starcraft or talking with friends in irc and generally doing fun things that I actually endorse. I consider this change a success so far.

EDIT MAY 1: This seems to have led to a permanent change. I estimate I spend maybe 20 minutes on reddit a week, now.

Comment author: quiet 14 February 2013 04:04:05PM *  1 point [-]

Great idea, I'm going to join you. Nothing of value will be lost.

March 26th: Reddit crashes as we open infinitely many new tabs in a fit of Burroughs-tier depravity.