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CFAR Winter 2013 Fundraiser

6 Post author: PhilipL 07 December 2013 07:11PM

For those who haven't heard, CFAR is holding a matching fundraiser from now until Jan 31, 2014, up to $150,000 USD.

Link: http://rationality.org/fundraiser2013/

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Comment author: Dorikka 07 December 2013 09:29:47PM 2 points [-]

When MIRI holds a matching fundraiser, they often write it up and post it to LW Main. Might be productive for the CFAR folks to do the same.

Comment author: AnnaSalamon 10 December 2013 06:38:56AM 4 points [-]

Yep. We'll be doing that. I just haven't yet finished my writeup.

Comment author: John_Maxwell_IV 09 December 2013 08:09:22AM 1 point [-]

MIRI is in fact running a matching fundraiser at the moment, by the way. I'm not exactly sure why there wasn't an official post about it.

Comment author: philh 09 December 2013 02:27:29PM 7 points [-]

IIRC, they've delayed making that post at least once because they wanted to see how much difference the post made to donation rates.

Comment author: lukeprog 26 December 2013 05:19:50PM 2 points [-]

Correct, we're doing that again.

Comment author: army1987 31 January 2014 08:29:38AM 0 points [-]

What time does it end? 11:59 p.m. PST (i.e 7:59 a.m. UTC)?