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28 Post author: Will_Newsome 12 January 2014 02:18AM

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Comment author: Wei_Dai 15 March 2014 03:30:08AM *  17 points [-]

I've been getting an increasing number of interview requests from reporters and book writers (stemming from my connection with Bitcoin). In the interest of being lazy, instead of doing more private interviews I figure I'd create an entry here and let them ask questions publicly, so I can avoid having to answer redundant questions. I'm also open to answering any other questions of LW interest here.

In preparation for this AMA, I've updated my script for retrieving and sorting all comments and posts of a given LW user, to also allow filtering by keyword or regex. So you can go to http://www.ibiblio.org/weidai/lesswrong_user.php, enter my username "Wei_Dai", then (when the page finishes loading) enter "bitcoin" in the "filter by" box to see all of my comments/posts that mention Bitcoin.

Comment author: Lu_Tong 22 December 2017 09:52:56PM 1 point [-]

Which philosophical views are you most certain of, and why? e.g. why do you think that multiple universes exist (and can you link or give the strongest argument for this?)

Comment author: Wei_Dai 24 December 2017 01:26:37AM 0 points [-]

I talked a bit about why I think multiple universes exist in this post. Aside from what I said there, I was convinced by Tegmark's writings on the Mathematical Universe Hypothesis. I can't really think of other views that are particularly worth mentioning (or haven't been talked about already in my posts), but I can answer more questions if you have them?

Comment author: Lu_Tong 27 December 2017 03:43:36AM *  0 points [-]

Thanks, I'll ask a couple more. Do you think UDT is a solution to anthropics? What is your ethical view (roughly, even given large uncertainty) and what actions do you think this prescribes? How have you changed your decisions based on the knowledge that multiple universes probably exist (AKA, what is the value of that information)?