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13 Post author: Elo 24 August 2015 07:58AM

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Comment author: Elo 07 January 2016 01:13:34AM *  2 points [-]

this source: http://alexvermeer.com/wp-content/uploads/8760-hours.pdf

suggests these questions for analysis of your life; in the form of a yearly review. If you are reviewing there is no need to put it off for that time of year; copied here in case the source disappears:

  1. What went well?
  2. What did not go well?
  3. Where did you try hard?
  4. Where did you not try hard enough?

    • Do you have a sense of purpose and direction in life?
    • What is your philosophy of life?
    • What are your fundamental goals, beliefs, and values?
    • How do you want the world to be different when you're dead?
    • Where are you right now (both physically in the universe and temporally)?
    • What do you want out of life?
    • What is a summary of your beliefs?

Contribution & Impact

  • How are you giving value to the world?
  • How much money did you give away in the past year? Who did it go to? Did it have the most possible impact.
  • Do you take responsibility for your environmental impact on the world?

Location & Possessions

  • Where do you live?
  • Where is your home?
  • Where in the world are you?
  • What is your living situation like?
  • How much stuff do you own?
  • Approximate value of all possessions?
  • What are your toys?
  • Is your life cluttered?

Money & Finance

  • Do you have savings? How much? Where are they?
  • What is the status of your assets and investments?
  • Do you know where you spend your money?
  • Do you budget?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are you aware of where you spend your money?
  • Are your finances organized?
  • Do you have any debt?

Career & Work

  • How do you make your money?
  • What do you do?
  • Do you like your job?
  • Are you engaged by your work?
  • Are you well networked within your industry?

Health & Fitness

  • Typical foods?
  • Are you generally tired or alert?
  • How often do you get sick?
  • Do you exercise?
  • How much do you sleep on average?
  • How much do you weigh?
  • What is your standing heart rate?
  • Do you regularly eat fast food or make healthy home-cooked meals?
  • Do you research healthy foods and choices?
  • What is your source of health information?

Knowledge & Education

  • How much time do you spend learning new things?
  • How much have you read in the past year?
  • How much education do you have?
  • What talents and skills have you recently developed?


  • How much have you written in the past year?
  • Do you ever discuss controversial topics with others?
  • Do you ever give presentations to friends or coworkers?
  • Are you confrontational or open to discussion?
  • Do you have influence and status in your social circles? In society?

Intimate Relationship

  • Are you in a relationship?
  • How is it going?
  • How much do you know about the other person?
  • Are you aware of each other’s needs and desires?

Social Life & Family

  • How is your home life?
  • What is your relationship like with your family?
  • How many core friends do you have?
  • How many acquaintances?
  • What clubs or organizations are you a member of?
  • Are you a good friend?


  • How do you feel about your life?
  • Are you generally optimistic or pessimistic?
  • Are you generally positive or negative?
  • Are you easily aware of your current emotional state?
  • Are you quick to notice how your emotions are influencing your thoughts, actions, and decisions?
  • Do you do any sort of regular mindfulness practice?

Character & Integrity

Rate yourself in the following:

  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Honor
  • Self-discipline
  • Self-awareness
  • Communication skills
  • Responsibility
  • Focus
  • Authenticity
  • Confidence
  • Persistence
  • Effectiveness
  • Etc.

Productivity & Organization

  • What productivity systems do you use, if any?
  • How well are they working?
  • Is your life organized?
  • What sorts of daily routines do you have?
  • Is there too much complexity in your life? Do you need to simplify?

Creativity & Adventure

  • Are you experiencing what you want to experience in life?
  • What fun things have you done lately?
  • What creative things have you done lately?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What do you do for recreation?