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7 Post author: MrMind 05 October 2015 06:50AM

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Comment author: Elo 06 October 2015 11:06:12AM *  7 points [-]

This week on the slack: http://lesswrong.com/r/discussion/lw/mpq/lesswrong_real_time_chat/

  • AI - Orthogonality thesis, Bostrom's superintelligence, Pascal's mugging, Looking for the video of the Superintelligence panel at EAglobal.
  • Effective altruism - Blood donation, climate change
  • finance - Things to do with spare money; ongoing profit-making ventures
  • goals of lesswrong - considering reaching out to other similar groups to grow outreach; but we don't have a clear understanding of what we are yet.
  • human relationships - Hacking OKC, Dating sites, Tinder, Bad acronyms for sexual preference (LGBTIQWTF etc.), Pick-up, Poly. Secretary problem and application to real life dating.
  • lingustics - Icons as signals for ideas instead of words.
  • objectivish - merged with #philosophy
  • Media - The story of Emily and Control - a neat rationalist fiction about identical twins. Some other youtube skits, Books of cultural significance to read
  • Open - so many things.
  • Parenting - Getting kids to eat vegetables, Why we had kids, EA's having kids, Allergies and dealing with them, Homeschooling and why school exists in its current form now.
  • philosophy - hypotheticals, Imposter syndrome, "whether I would care if I would die" - no conclusions yet, The legend of murder-ghandi (for ghandi's birthday), this quote: "I noticed an unusual trend for fiction to present people to be uncomfortable with exact copies of themselves. I figure I would be cooperative with myself as a duplicate entity. Would you do the same?

I wonder how extended time would go. I.e. On a spaceship with the only crew being consenting duplicates of one human entity. I feel like there would be an eerie consensus and trust.

Like. That understanding of one's self, would truly extend to those around you. And yet when I consider myself as a human similar to the humans around me - I don't think I would ever get along with other humans with the same peacefulness that I could have - knowing I was getting along with duplicate myselves.

Although I now wonder if applying duplicate myselves outward as an imprint mould on the other humans - would help me get along with more people, and communicate and understand more than ever before...

I wonder if a level of love and trust could be found in people who don't currently try to understand one another in any such way. By giving them this model of empathetic understanding of one another and everyone else's actions around them."

  • political talk - US politics doubts science a lot. SJW and if they are genuinely not constructive
  • Programming - Some legalities of trying to auto-consent for people to give up their right to pursue your use of their contributions to your communal piece of work, "what does a legally valid transfer of copyright between two strangers emailing each other actually look like"

  • Projects - (renamed from composition) What we are writing about; Accountability space, Novels; Having a preference, Focussing, Data mining, Submitting things to the US DIA, Hypotheticals, Drawing with a wacom tablet, Dealing with clients, NLP, Remembering names.

"a web app that allows you to have a conversation with "simulated selves"" available here in version zero https://tangoapp.herokuapp.com/ "It's still probably very buggy, limited in functionality and confusing to use, but as they say... release fast! Mostly, I'm just posting because a couple people seemed interested in playing with it, and because I gave myself until the end of the weekend as a conservative estimate."

  • real life - Living in an RV, Sharing your salary with others, War and other stressful (but not always), deadly scenarios. Biases when debating, gun control (we all feel sorry for America)

  • rss feed - we have an RSS feed of any post on LW or SSC that notifies of posts if you are in the channel.

  • Science and technology - the electric car market, brain-volume and intelligence, cooling cap (for sleep quality improvement), Yelp for people (a pretty bad idea), smart light bulbs,

  • Startups - various startup ideas.

  • welcome - everyone answers the questions: "Would you like to introduce yourself? Where are you from? What do you do with your time? What are you working on? What problems are you trying to solve?"

Feel free to join us. Active meetup time: A time to try to get lots of people online to talk about things is going to be Sunday afternoon-night for the US, If you want to chat actively with other lesswrongers; we are going to try to be active at that time.

We have over 130 people who have signed up. Not nearly that many people are active, but each day something interesting happens...

last week on slack: http://lesswrong.com/lw/msa/open_thread_sep_21_sep_27_2015/crk1