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2 Post author: Elo 03 March 2016 10:40PM

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Comment author: Elo 05 March 2016 11:11:49AM *  1 point [-]

trust that a toaster will toast bread

yes, this is a retrospective example. once I already know what happens; I can say that a toaster makes bread into toast. If you start to make predictive examples; things get more complicated as you have mentioned.

It still helps to have an understanding of what you don't know. And in the case of AI; an understanding of what you are deciding not to know (for now) can help you consider the risk involved in playing with AI of unclear potential.

i.e. AI with defined CEV -> what happens next -> humans are fine. seems like a bad idea to expect a good outcome from. Now maybe we can work on a better process for defining CEV.