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17 Post author: Elo 19 March 2016 12:24PM

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Comment author: Vaniver 22 March 2016 06:44:54PM *  1 point [-]

But some solution is needed.

  1. When a user has admin on, they can see the list of users who upvoted or downvoted a comment in the tooltip (which currently shows % positive).

  2. All karma calculations use a 'weight' variable that's stored per user, and can be adjusted at the userpage by a user with admin on.

That means shutting down sockpuppets is two clicks, and discovering them is a mouseover. The main uncertainty is how the weight variable will impact the performance of the site.

Comment author: Viliam 22 March 2016 09:12:15PM -1 points [-]

The "weight" only needs values 0 and 1. And the value 0 can be achieved by disabling the buttons (which has negligible impact on performance) and removing the existing votes (which only happens one per user).