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4 Post author: Elo 07 August 2016 11:07PM

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Comment author: Lumifer 11 August 2016 06:42:08PM *  0 points [-]

Statements including "no one denies that ..." are usually false.

Taken literally, yes. However these statements are not intended to be taken literally, they are a shorthand for "it is widely accepted that X is true, most people who deny X are either blatantly unreasonable or have strong incentives to do so. I do not expect sane people to deny X with a straight face".

Regardless, my goal here was to ask people to help me decipher what "calories in" and "calories out" precisely mean

See the grandparent post. In particular, to repeat myself

The CICO theory says that the only way to lose weight is to have a negative calorie balance.

In general CICO posits one-to-one correspondence between net energy balance and gaining/losing weight, regardless of anything else. This is on a time scale where short-term fluctuations (from bowel movements to water retention) are ignored as noise.

CICO also does NOT say anything about the fat/muscle ratio, it does NOT say that different foods with the same calorie content will have the same effect on weight (food you eat generally affects both the CI and the CO parts), it does NOT say that specific levels of CI (e.g. 1000 calories/day) will result in specific gain/loss of weight.