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9 Post author: AlexMennen 17 August 2016 04:11AM

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Comment author: WalterL 17 August 2016 06:29:36PM 0 points [-]

Not quite related, but can I pet peeve a bit here?

Whenever I hear the "we didn't invent an airplane by copying a bird so we won't invent AI by copying a brain" line I always want to be like "actually we farmed part of the plane's duties out to the brain of the human who pilots it. AI's will be similar. They will have human operators, to which we will farm out a lot of the decision making. AlphaGo doesn't choose who it plays, some nerd does."

Like, why would AI be fully autonymous right off the back? Surely we can let it use an operator for a sanity check while we get the low hanging fruits out of the way.