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7 Post author: luminosity 08 January 2017 05:14AM

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Comment author: luminosity 08 January 2017 05:04:07AM 3 points [-]

Dinner meetups

We have a monthly meetup at an RSL in Sydney -- we've found this is a good venue, as people who want to can get food and drinks, but not everyone needs to. At a cafe there is more pressure to have to make purchases over time if you're taking up their floor space.

This was the first meetup we ran when the Less Wrong Sydney group resumed meeting -- at first we ran them with a focus on group discussions, and talking about a particular topic, but we found that often a topic was more of a reason for people to stay away, than for people to come. With the advent of the dojos, there wasn't as much pressure for this to deliver on applied rationality, and so it has turned into more of a group discussion space.

We're currently in the middle of an experiment of trying to drive people to these meetups from a meetup.com group -- if people seem interested, we can then invite them to come along to the dojos also.

Comment author: satt 08 January 2017 09:26:58PM 1 point [-]

an RSL in Sydney

To save others from Googling, the RSL appears to be Australia's Returned and Services League, which licenses clubs as meeting venues, originally for veterans but now also for guests.

Comment author: Elo 10 January 2017 09:49:00PM 3 points [-]

You would find it similar to a quiet pub crossed with a restaurant.