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7 Post author: luminosity 08 January 2017 05:14AM

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Comment author: therufs 10 January 2017 11:13:43PM *  1 point [-]

LW discussion meetup (old-skool)

The old-skool LW discussion meetup was on alternate Thursday evenings, usually either at a coffee shop or our house. Often, the organizer/s would put a fair bit of time and thought into coming up with a topic, researching it, and fleshing out a discussion plan.

We had a few topics we felt okay about revisiting periodically:
* Calibration exercises
* Rationality Checklist

but all in all coming up with a new topic often enough that we thought people wouldn't get bored and leave got stressful, so in January 2016 we had a Future of the Meetup meeting.