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31 Post author: Raemon 18 January 2017 06:57PM

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Comment author: lifelonglearner 19 January 2017 05:16:04AM 13 points [-]

Nice! I think your use of "Hufflepuff virtue" really points at a great group of related memes that seem really helpful for group cohesion and sustainability.

I'll try to add some more examples/bounce off yours and you can let me know if they're in the same spirit?

  • Genuinely being excited when someone else gets a great opportunity because we're on the same side. Referring opportunities to people we know who're well fit for them.

  • Matching people with similar goals together and other 3rd party coordination tasks that are helpful for others. Valuing 3rd party actors who help link things together.

  • Being positive and vocalizing support, even if it's just a basic "this is cool!" on posts / things (so we don't just assume silence = ambivalence).

  • Making it more of a norm to contribute some fraction of time towards public-good projects (EX: the wiki, beginner how-to's, etc.)

  • Valuing coordination / teamwork in and of itself as a terminal value. (This could be misguided in the limit, but I think it approximates the sort of behavior we want to see more of.)

Comment author: Raemon 19 January 2017 05:03:32PM 4 points [-]


For that last point, I think the LW community is nitpicky that we need to be more specific, but I can imagine a lengthier post that made the case for something similar to what you describe re "teamwork as a terminal value"

Comment author: lifelonglearner 19 January 2017 06:14:56PM *  1 point [-]

Great! I'd love to talk more about this at some point (maybe collaborating on the "teamwork is a terminal value" post?) [wow, that's meta].

Comment author: Elo 20 January 2017 03:14:55AM 0 points [-]

Collaborate? Count me in! (PM me a link to a google doc once you have one going)

Comment author: lifelonglearner 20 January 2017 03:17:38AM *  0 points [-]

Sounds great! Raemon suggested to use this thread as a public jumping off point for brainstorming, and I'm cool w/ that.

So feel free to drop ideas / things below, if you already have some interesting ways to craft this essay!

(But once a doc is made, I'll definitely PM you too)

Comment author: Elo 20 January 2017 03:49:07AM 0 points [-]

quick thoughts: there is too much information in the world to verify it all yourself. at some point you need to outsource the science-doing to other people a bit otherwise you will never get anything done. Society does this all the time, in manufacturing, in being part of something greater than yourself, working together towards a shared goal.