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Elo comments on Project Hufflepuff - Less Wrong Discussion

31 Post author: Raemon 18 January 2017 06:57PM

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Comment author: Elo 31 March 2017 09:10:27AM 0 points [-]

I support this and I would love to but I cant. Try writing to the authors?

Comment author: MaryCh 31 March 2017 09:26:17AM 0 points [-]

(I will; just thought this could be done with other "constellations" of posts. Also, my verbal skillz are worse than average here, so, uh, hint.)

Comment author: Elo 31 March 2017 09:47:00AM 0 points [-]

definitely. the posts need to be written first, before being able to be tied together. I feel like that's what EY did. wrote lots of posts before tying them together. I bet the authors would appreciate better connectivity between their posts if you can point them out