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[Link] "On the Impossibility of Supersized Machines"

13 Post author: crmflynn 31 March 2017 11:32PM

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Comment author: DustinWehr 04 April 2017 01:44:51PM 3 points [-]
Comment author: whpearson 01 April 2017 05:53:59PM 2 points [-]

Don't listen to them. Humanity is still in danger despite what they say.

Assuming you can make an artificial consumer that can gain mass and size via consumption, you can plot out growth rates k.

Given that the size of the jaws and digestive system will increase with the size of the consumer (increasing the rate of consumption and growth) so a k of greater than 1, I predict that any artificial consumer will rapidly create its own black hole.

Comment author: James_Miller 01 April 2017 12:35:08AM 2 points [-]

Very good.

Comment author: madhatter 01 April 2017 08:50:20AM 1 point [-]

This is fantastic